Top eCommerce Events in London, Autumn 2019

eCommerce Events in London

My summer holiday is over for yet another year which means it’s the exciting time to start planning which eCommerce events in London to attend this autumn.  A Google search confirmed that there are far too many events happening for me to attend so now starts the impossible task of choosing, unless my contract assignments simply makes that choice for me. 
To save you some time from doing the same research, I decided to share the list below. I’m also including the full list I found, even though not all events are technically eCommerce events. The idea is that the list suggests events that a eCommerce or digital marketing professional could find interesting. 

Top eCommerce Events in London, Autumn 2019

Savant eCommerce London17-Sep-19
eCommerce Expo25-Sep-19
Retail HR Summit08-Oct-19
PayExpo Conference08-Oct-19
InternetRetailing Conference IRC10-Oct-19
Ecommerce Live UK15 Oct
Ai In Retail Conference16-Oct-19
White Label World Expo London27-Nov-19

Please let me know if I have missed out any good events in the comments below. 

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