September 10, 2017


Poplar Tree Digital

A digital marketing and ecommerce agency in Farnham, Surrey which was started from consultancy projects in 2017.
Founded by Stefan Carrington, our services simply drive ecommerce revenue growth for our clients. This is why we are hired and this is what we deliver.


The Poplar tree is a symbol for fast growth and growing taller than the rest. It therefore felt appropriate to name both the company and our projects after this fast growing tree.


Stefan Carrington

Stefan CarringtonThe Founder of Poplar Tree Digital and your main point of contact for new business. Stefan has a unique ability to find the revenue growth opportunities for online companies and he has worked with a variety of startups, SMEs and international corporations. Current clients include Electrolux, Provence Holidays and BrokenBog.


Spares Industry Ecommerce Specialist

Ecommerce for the Spare Parts industry is a unique and specialist skill.
We have an unrivaled experience in eCommerce for spare parts, accessories and aftermarket products. This covers both white goods appliances and the bathroom vertical and we are confident that we can apply our unique formula on any spare parts industry.


In 2012, Stefan was heavily trained in the art of appliances spares marketing by the original award winning eSpares team. He has since spent 5 years in perfecting this art and growing revenues for some of the biggest white goods companies in Europe.


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