February 27, 2018

Technical Ecommerce Setup

Poplar Tree LeafWe have helped new start-ups and established international companies with their technical ecommerce setup and optimised their ecommerce technical integration. The main services in this area are so far:


Google Analytics & Enhanced Ecommerce

Very few companies are using the full potential of the Enhanced Ecommerce package from Google Analytics. Our experience shows that this is often due to developers not being familiar with the integration combined with a lack of technical knowledge in the marketing team. We have helped to bridge this gap and in some cases, coded the integration ourselves.

Google analytics offers many more enhanced features which can only be used if configured correctly before the data is collected. This varies from basic IP exclusion filters to Content grouping and sample rate tweaks.

Give us a call to find out how we can help you get the most out of Google Analytics.


Technical SEO

A websites SEO success often depends on the correct technical setup and there are many easy traps to fall into which can have devastating effects on your SEO efforts.

It doesn’t matter if you have a new website or an established ecommerce site, our proven track record of growing revenue from technical SEO setup is almost guaranteed to help your website profits.

Let us help you get your suite of SEO setting optimised with the correct meta tags, link structure and much more.


Google Tag Manager, GTM

This new backbone of ecommerce sites can be challenging to understand and use to it’s full potential. We have therefore done all these tough learnings and tested best use of variables, triggers and tags so you don’t have to. Once it is setup, you will be amazed of it’s potential.


3rd party integrations

If you’re planning to use any A/B testing tools or third party marketing solutions, we can help you set this up.