February 27, 2018

Web Analytics

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Find that opportunity that will grow your business.

eCommerce Analytics has been our main unique selling point as we have been able to continuously uncover opportunities and improvements that keep on growing our clients’ profits.


Ecommerce Audits

This is where it all comes together. The broad knowledge of the actual revenue impact of the different ecommerce solutions will enable you to identify how you can grow your profit.

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Insights & Reporting

Insights with a comprehensive action list is the outcome of our audits. We have also worked on this on a continuous basis for clients where we find new opportunities each week based on the analytics data, A/B test results and new ideas from the accounts.


Ecommerce Analytics & Insights

Most of our clients use Google Analytics 360 suite or free package and most of them have learnt the basics quickly but it takes many years to really get to know the opportunities, tweaks and flaws with this tool. Over the years, we have acquired an expert knowledge in Google analytics and ecommerce reporting which by itself will give your business an impressive new insight in to your business.

If you are not yet 100{9f0e9f8e91e6cd5a84b871501a50e63262fa678f252c8f691e47fda7c68e6394} satisfied with your analytics solution or insights reports, contact us here.


GTM – Google Tag Manager

This is a commonly underutilized tool among marketing professionals as it used to require advanced technical understanding and coding.

The benefit with using GTM is however mind blowing and here are a few of the problems we’ve solved for our clients with this tool:

  • What do your customers click on?
  • Do they scroll down and view a section below the fold or a dynamic content pop-up?
  • Why are goal targets for pop-up forms so difficult to track with normal GA events?
  • Quick setup of third party tools has taken months with internal tech priorities.
  • GA tracking of ecommerce transactions on a third party URL.



Google Optimize & other A/B Testing Tools

We believe that every website should have at least one A/B test running all the time.

It doesn’t only solve questions of the best converting variants but it also forces you to constantly think of new and better ways to present your website to your customers.

The Google Optimize tool is at the heart of the ‘Testing Culture’ which we encourage all our clients to adopt.

Before Google Optimize took off, we worked with many other A/B testing tools including Optimizly and Visual Web Optimiser so we can guide you to the best solution for your business.